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Drainage channels for large surface areas

Highly recommended for airports and ports
The perfect solution for the rapid outflow of elevated flows of water. Large surface areas mean that each individual component has to be both strong and durable. Water, a genuine force of nature, must be channelled, even in high volumes, both safely and effectively in order to avoid any risks to people and property.


Solid and durable, safe and effective

Wide range of covers

Grates, lids and plates. For every imaginable requirement

Flow Rate Class

Covers available from A15 to F900

EC certification

All the tests required by the regulations have been passed

All types of drainage channel for large surface areas

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Pircher Professional drainage channels are perfect for any areas that require rapid drainage of relatively high water flow volumes. They are especially robust, have a large capacity and are therefore able to channel the water safely and effectively

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Drainage channel 300 L

Channel in concrete, especially for pedestrian zones and parking lots, is particularly suitable if electrical cables are to be laid underground.
Technical data

Drainage channel 300 Work

Drainage channel in concrete for safe collection and discharge of large amounts of water, both in the civil and industrial sectors
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Drainage channel 500 L

Drainage channel in concrete for the drainage of significant amounts of water and the laying of electrical cables and pipelines.
Technical data

Drainage channel 500 Work

Drainage channel in concrete, can withstand considerable loads, for use on large areas.
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Drainage channel 700 L

Drainage channel in concrete, suitable for holding pipes and compressed air ducts. Also available in 2m.
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Drainage channel 700 Work

Drainage channel in concrete for areas where the transit of heavy vehicles is planned
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Capacity for large surface areas
To avoid any risks to people or property, especially in large areas, it is essential to ensure product robustness, as well as safe and fast drainage capacity for high water flow rates.


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