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Our Valuesfor people and environment
Innovation for the future
Innovation for the future
Environmental solutionsThe future depends on what we do today
Water: repository of life.
Water: repository of life.
The StoryOur Evolution

Water: repository of life

Water today is called “blue gold,” as it is the main source of human life. In so many scenarios, the water cycle is exposed to the risk of pollution, depletion and dispersion. The consequences are sometimes dramatic and sudden, while sometimes the effects are gradual and silent. Pircher's innovative systems collect water, mitigate its territorial impact, channel it, prevent it from contact with hazardous substances and ensure its return into circulation in a clean and gradual way in accordance with the principle of hydraulic invariance, which has now become the central element for each technical and design intervention.
Christian Pircher
Pircher's specific know-how has spawned a technology for water recovery and treatment that provides a future for the environment, and to all of us.
Our Valuesfor people and for environment.
We respectnatural balance
We arereliable and precise.

Our Values

for people and environment
Since 1969, Pircher has been developing and producing technological systems to reduce or prevent the pollution of surface layers of subsoil and groundwater, and preserve our valuable water heritage. Our innovations involve materials, profiles, performance, and the efficiency of the systems designed to offer permanent, long-term solutions. Thanks to our innovative technology and the drive of our leading brand, we convey rainwater along safe routes, collect and efficaciously cleanse industrial effluent, treat wastewater before it is discharged back into circulation and, lastly, we accumulate alternative clean water reserves. This is our contribution to the environment, in compliance with the strictest international standards for construction, environment, industry, and respecting our own future.

We Respect

Natural balance
Pircher's technology and expertise go beyond the product itself. We do not simply provide a technical solution for water recovery and treatment. We want to enhance it with other values, because the specific needs of our customers are dictated by numerous factors: compliance with laws, individual responsibility, finances, specific construction needs, aesthetics, the need to respect the fragile natural balance. This is why all Pircher products always offer choices and combinations of accessories and details, within a wide range of customization possibilities. The systems offer intelligent and comprehensive solutions to specific problems, and the products always make up a system with an attentive technical and commercial service, to ensure their best use and efficiency.

We Are

Reliable and Precise
Our widespread network of services and assistance makes our expertise and professionalism always available to customers by interfacing to explore the most suitable solutions for each project and curate each phase of its implementation, thus ensuring, at all times, the full functionality and top efficiency of the company. This includes the design, installation and maintenance of drainage and treatment systems (from inspections to quotes, from diagrams to customised technical drawings, from checks to the maintenance of the systems). A nationwide network of retailers always guarantees the presence of every product in the warehouse, and if needed, a rapid internal delivery service.

A long journey

We have traveled a long way, learning at every step and taking our past experiences to heart to build the future.


Pircher was established in Cittiglio (VA) as a manufacturer of concrete tiles.


Over the years, the company has become more oriented toward the production of grilled channels.


Introduction of a line of concrete systems for the treatment of industrial washing water.


Our range of products has been continuously developed and expanded under the banner of innovation.


The new production plant in Gazzuolo (MN) is launched.

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